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Who will Escape?

You're in trouble... but are you the only one?

On the other side of the chat, there is a person in the same situation - she is locked in a room and doesn't know how she got there.
Can you trust your new companion? Or can she trust you?
Having no clue what fate awaits you, investigate your room, communicate with other missing person and seek a way out.


Chicken Challenge

In this game you are crossing a road as a Chicken.
Chicken Simulator has a unique view and 3d graphics for this type of game. 
Just try it and see how you would feel when your character nearly escape huge truck while crossing!

It's a Rush Hour! Multiplayer simulator allows you to compete with up to 101 other players in crossing the road. It's crazy, right?

Show your tappy skillz and beat other Chickens in one battle!

In this simulator you must to help poor animal reach the end of the road in a rush hour. Could you do it? Will your poor animal survive the traffic or will it not? 

What are you waiting for, chicken?!


Become Human: Evolution 

Become a creator of your own human (or not?) civilization!


Ready to travel through the time from the beginning and to the future?


Choose the ways of evolution and create your own story of human species. Will human rise or will they be replaced? Will the future be bright or would it be post-apocalyptic world? You decide!


If you like idle and tapping games, you will enjoy this casual evolution game that unravel human civilization story. "Become Human: Evolution" is an easy to play game where you evolve species. Make important decisions and see what fate awaits humanity.

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